My Achievements

  • I'm a Cambridge University Certified Business English Speaker under VANTAGE level with Grade C...
  • One of my project has got selected to the FINALS of Intel India Embedded Challenge 2010, which was my first entry into the corporate atmosphere.

  • To the part of my achievement, I've one got of my Project named "EMISSION CONTROLLED GREEN VEHICLE" patented and is under the screening process.
Inauguration of the ED Cell
  • I was the CHAIRMAN of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell in Sona College of Technology, during the year 2010-2011. With the support of the all the students and staff members lots of activities has been conducted, which led the cell for the AICTE Approval with the sponsorship of 8 lakh.

  • I've been awarded as the best R&D student of the year 2010-2011
Best R&D Team for the year 2010-2011

And the history continues............

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